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"In a world where a tryannical Galatic Empire reigns supreme, a shining hope emerges from the
darkness. You are the the fastest starship this side of the Moon. You are armed with an advanced
weapons system that grows stronger as you defeat more enemies. You are the galaxy's last hope.
You are: Project: JUMPSTART!"

Corny flavor text that I wrote just now aside, Peter has joined forces with several community
members of nycgameindustry.com to create "Project: JUMPSTART," a slick space-shooter
created in the span of only a month. This is hopefully the first of many collaborations to
come out of this group.
Download it Here. (Compatible with Windows Operating systems)

NY Events and Such
The NY Anime Festival is between September 25-27. I'm possibly thinking of going and photographing
as many cosplayers as possible.
After that is MetroCAF, on October 1st. I will most likely go to this (work schedule permitting)
to see some great student animations.

BLOCKS Project
Peter is creating interactive 3D enviroments and characters for
"The Blocks of Continuality Project"
with Koosil-Ja/Dance KUMIKO.
Crafted with the versatile OGRE engine, BLOCKS revolutionizes performance art,
by making the performers the controllers for this simulation.

"Blocks is a dance and live cinema work and tells three stories at
the same time to simulate our coexistence, our living, in the world of digital and flesh
Set to debut in Fall 2009 in Miami, FL, be sure to check it out. Check back soon for tour dates
and schedules.

Last updated: 9/16/2008
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